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In my search for content for my site Ive had a good look at around 30 Asian Pay Sites thus far. I dont have full access to these sites so I cant vouch 100 percent of course. I base my recomendations on the content Ive gathered from each with the assumption it can only get better if you pay for it. And based on word of mouth, from what ive gathered from other webmasters and surfers I can recomend the following...

DX Live : A webcam site where you can 1 on 1 'chat' with the girl of your choice.

Category : Video Chat
Site Description: DX Live is a chat site which distributes "live images" using the latest technology. Many beautiful girls are waiting beyond the screen. Since the talk progresses in real time,there may be surprising, unexpected happenings or a delightful present from girls, etc.
My Thoughts : I know this site is good because the members stay members. They dont buy the trial membership and let it lapse when time is up, they have a huge percentage of returning customers, and with good reason; they advertise having over 2000 webcam models in their employ. Browsing through the girls galleries and bios I was quite impressed. Some real cuties here, mostly of the Asian persuasion. The company to my understanding operates in Japan and Stateside and their webcam models are from all over the globe. Its not cheap, but beautiful women never are :P

sound interesting ? Check out the site for yourself.

Did you or have you signed up with them in the past? Id like to hear about your experience (not the dirty details :P ) but your overall opinion of the site. Hi's and lo's we'll say. Hit me at if you care to share.

more to come soon